The Imperial Academy

A component of the largest and most capable government the galaxy has ever seen, the Imperial Academy is the heart of the Galactic Empire’s educational system for military, governmental and economic personnel. Staffed with the finest minds of the Empire, the Imperial Academy is a network of educational institutions that provides unsurpassed levels of training to the officers and officials that are employed throughout the galaxy to ensure peace, prosperity, and justice for all of the Emperor’s worlds.

Receiving many millions of applications every year, the Imperial Academy accepts only the most promising Recruits that have enlisted in the Empire, and the Academy provides these select few with the necessary training to effectively serve the Emperor as a capable, adaptive, and intelligent individual. With a challenging and dynamic curriculum that offers students a variety of specialisations, the Imperial Academy is amongst the most prestigious institutions of the galaxy; a fact that is demonstrated by the high demand for graduates of the various colleges once they have completed their return of service commitment with the Empire.

A function of the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order, the Imperial Academy is overseen by the Grand Vizier, whilst the day to day operations are undertaken by the Academy Commandant and a carter staff of dedicated veterans that have proven themselves in the line of duty. It is mentoring by experienced and capable instructors, equipped with state of the art resources, and cutting edge teaching methods, that has propelled what was once a loose collection of universities and academies under the failed republic, into an institution that has achieved unprecedented levels of success under the auspices and direction of the New Order.

Responsible for the training of hundreds of thousands of Imperial recruits each month, the Imperial Academy is divided into a number of campuses that are each responsible for different aspects of service education.

· Imperial Basic Training is conducted at the Academy’s headquarters located on the planet of Prakith in the Deep Core, where the campus is adorned with ancient architecture which houses the innumerable lecture halls, auditoriums, libraries, workshops, and training arenas.

· The College of Government Sciences located on Talus of the Corellian sector, is the leading institution on planetary governance and politics within the galaxy. Established after the formation of the New Order, the campus boasts purpose-built facilities designed by renowned modern architect Juro Holmes mixing technological advancement with stylish functionality to inspire aesthetic concepts in the soon to be civic planners.

· The College of Space Warfare is located aboard a heavily defended spacestation in the Belgaroth system of the Tapani sector, where young pilots and fleet officers are trained in the tactics and duties of the highly respected Imperial Navy. Specialising in either fighter or capital ship doctrines, young officers at the College of Space Warfare undergo extensive training before a posting to a front-line Group.

· The College of Land Warfare is located on Carida within the Kuat sector, and has long been the home of training for the much feared Imperial Army. Undergoing training in either infantry, armoured, or reconnaissance specialities, graduates of the College of Land Warfare are widely known to have survived rigorous training in a plethora of environments before a posting to a combat Brigade.

· The College of Engineering located on Glakka of the Corporate sector, is a prized institution with a reputation for producing some of the premier engineers of the current age. Providing a rich and engaging curriculum, the College of Engineering is the preferred institute for the Ministry of Industry to recruit its young managers and research scientists.

· The College of Strategic Intelligence located on Tanjay IV in the Coruscant sector, is the premier school on intelligence and security throughout the galaxy. Extremely selective in who it accepts, and secretive regarding its training courses, little is known about what the college teaches, however, any Imperial wishing to pursue a career in Imperial Intelligence or the Imperial Security Bureau will pass through this institution.

· The Command College is located on Coruscant in the Coruscant sector, and is a highly respected institution with expertise in command, leadership, and strategic management. As a top tier academic institution, students are taught issues pertaining to regional security and stability, logistics, and administration of units and territories. Completing a course of study at the Command College is a requirement before being eligible for promotion to a command rank.

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